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465, Keyatala Lane
Kolkata, WB, 700029

+91 (0) 98301 55776

Swati and Sunaina represent a new beginning of pure and unique weaves. A journey exploring cultural traditions and creating a new aesthetic using time honed skills and weaving techniques.


Woven Heirlooms

Swati & Sunaina GOLD is a luxury handmade textile brand, started in 2015. Since its inception, it has been committed to preserving and innovating with the highest levels of artistry and hand craftsmanship in Banaras. Its single edition sarees are contemporary heirlooms for today’s connoisseurs. Each One-of-a-Kind saree is handwoven over several months, benchmarking excellence in quality of materials and design which attempt to match historical masterpieces, ensuring simultaneously, comfort for today’s wearer.

Snna-016 copy.jpg

Swati & Sunaina GOLD considers its small and loyal client base therefore,
as collectors who return to it regularly to be on a journey of keeping age-old textile traditions alive, as equal participants in their commitment to India’s richly
diverse culture.


Pure gold zari thread


Swati & Sunaina GOLD distinguishes itself for its use of the purest form of metallic zari, which is being produced today in only one artisanal workshop in the world, situated in Banaras. This zari is made with 98.5 percent silver, and plated with 24 Carat gold. Swati & Sunaina GOLD has pioneered the process of certifying this for its collectors, and each saree is accompanied by a certificate with details of the materials used, name of its weaver, year of making and a spool of the zari used in the saree. This offers the chance for its collectors to pass the sarees on to future generations as works of art, assured in their authenticity.